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Baby Memory Poems
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The following wonderful poems are for custom baby memory frames and matching frames to our baby handprint and baby footprint frames. If you have your own poem, we will be glad to use it.

Welcome Baby
Welcome Baby to our world
how brave of you to come.
We are here to welcome you
as your journeys just begun.
Here's our opportunity
to help each other grow.
To experience all the things,
alone... we would not know.
You have been successful,
from your very start.
Just welcoming you, has made us all
release love from our hearts.
So remember little Baby
as you grow into your dreams.
Everything in this world
is not always what it seems.
Welcome others into your world
and it is there, that you will find.
All the love you ever knew
was never left behind.

My Baby Boy
I star while you smile.
I listen when you talk.
I hug you when you cry.
I watch you while you walk.

I wipe your eyes to dry your tears.
I hold you close to comfort your fears.
You are my sunshine, my brightest star.
You're my best friend,
You'll always be #1.

My Baby Girl
A wee bit of heaven drifted down from above
Handful of happiness, a heartful of love.
The mystery of life, so sacred and sweet.
The giver of joy so deep and complete.
Precious and priceless, so lovable,
The world's sweetest miracle,
Baby, is you!

Mommy's Heart
You little one are mommy's heart
I knew it right from the start
the way you hold my finger tight,
when we're alone late at night.
When I cradle you in my arms
you smile and show all your charms.
Then you drift off to sleep
sometimes I can’t help but weep,
how lucky I have become
to actually be the chosen one.
To have and hold a child like you
now life seems to good to be true.
So I look up at the sky so blue
and thank the heavens for giving me you!

Daddy's Pride
You little one are daddy's pride,
the joy you bring I cannot hide.

Ten little fingers and ten little toes,
your beautiful eyes and button nose.
How could I... even dream
what having you would really mean.

I do wish I would've known,
that you are really a gift on loan.
Tho', I could not have prepared,

for the gift of love, that God has shared.
I will always do my best,
God believes, I'll pass this test
and I will know I have succeeded
when you're a parent, and there when needed.

Peek-A-Boo Baby
Who is that,
that I see
a cute little baby

is peeking at me.
Hey, little baby
where did you go

I can't see you
just your toes.
Oh, there you are
for just a peek
now come out here
so I can kiss your cheek!

Watch Over Me
Please watch over me
I'm not sure where I should be
if I should ever tumble down
I want you to be around
all my bruises you can kiss
I'll let you know if there's one you miss
and if I don't understand
please explain and hold my hand
just don't forget to give a hug
then tell me that we'll snuggle-bug
and when you tuck me in at night
don't forget to say sleep tight

Daddy's Girl
When you jump up on my lap
to give a kiss and hug,
nothing in this world
gives my heart such a tug!
The way you make me laugh
when standing on your head,
acting silly so I'll look
til' your face turns all red!
I know you'll always be...
and I felt it from the start,

no matter how old you get
you're my little sweetheart!

You're growing much too fast
time flies by in a whirl,
but you'll always be
Daddy's Little Girl!

A Baby
Ten little fingers,
Ten tiny toes,
The sweetest of smiles
And a cute little nose.
All these add up
To a very special thing...
A baby ---
The greatest of gifts
That life can bring.

A Baby Boy
A baby boy was created
by the hand of God above
to give the world the sweetest touch
of tenderness and love.
With the softness of a whisper,
God made a baby's skin
and then designed two trusting eyes
to put the starlight in.
With giggles from a waterfall
and breezes passing by,
God made a baby's laughter
and a tiny, sleepy sigh.
God made the world a precious gift
more dear and pure than gold,
with little toes to play with
and tiny hands to hold
then brought into the sunshine
a precious baby boy
All wrapped up in a rainbow
of wonder, hope, and joy.

Just a Boy…
God to understand the lad -
He's not eager to be bad;
If the right he always knew,
He would be as old as you.
Were he now exceeding wise,
He'd be just about your size;
When he does things that annoy,
Don't forget - he is just a boy.

Could he know and understand,
He would need no guiding hand;
But He's young and hasn't learned
How life's corners must be turned.
Doesn't know from day to day
There is more to life than play.
More to face than selfish joy.
Don't forget - he is just a boy.

Being just a boy he'll do
Much you will not want him to;
He'll be careless of his ways,
Have his disobedient days.
Willful, wild and headstrong, too,
He'll need guidance kind and true;
Things of value he'll destroy,
But reflect - he is just a boy.

Just a boy who needs a friend,
Patient, kindly to the end;
Needs a father who will show
Him the things he wants to know,
Take him with you when you walk,
Listen when he wants to talk,
His companionship enjoy,
Don't forget - He is just a boy.

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