La Brea Tar Pits Travel Guide

Off the beaten path of Los Angeles is the LA Brea Tar Pits. This is next to the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art on Wilshire Boulevard. It is a slightly lesser-known tourist attraction, and it is what LA is made of. LA is made of oil, it’s a big oil town and here in this park, there’s the lake that’s a collection of water but also has a bunch of oil that bubbles up from the ground and creates tar on the surface hence the name tar pit. It has been here for a long time and actually there has been like mammoths, elephants, and lots of old bones that have been collected in this tar.

There is a museum, a Tar Pits Museum that’s open 9:00 to 5:00 p.m but you can come almost any time of day or night and walk around the park ground and take a look at these Tar Pits. If you have ever been next to a road when they have been paving it with asphalt that’s really what these pits smell like. So it’s a really cool natural phenomenon in LA and you can come and see where smelly tar bubbles up from the ground. If you are in Los Angeles, you should definitely check this out, admission is free.


As you walk through the park that house the tar pit there are more tar pits than just the big one. In pit 13, you will see the tar bubbling up out of the ground and the trees growing right next to it. Pit 9 looks small, but it has trapped the most mammoth in the park. 29 mammoths were trapped and died in this tar pit. The oil keeps bubbling up throughout the ground in various places in the park where they haven’t been able to put up a fence yet. You will just find a gooey gooey cone that looks pretty sticky. Some of the Tar Pits are still active paleontological sites and they have these crates that are fossil crates for the fossils.

Before you leave the tar pit, you should check out the Contemporary Arts Museum or the artwork piece of the streetlight. The street light is free, famous, and right out the front. You have to come early in the morning to take pictures because this is where every single tourist in Los Angeles comes to take a picture.

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Colorado

Colorado is the best place to be at any time of the year. The state is blessed with everything you want to see regardless of your age and sex. It has emerged as one of the leading destinations for every family during holidays and vacations.

The beauty of nature and the appearance of the landscape amaze so many people visiting the state. There are several wonderful destinations for visitors such as deserts, rivers, hills, streams, and among many other sites.


Here are some of the best places to be while in Colorado:

The Great Sand Dunes

There are some national parks that have amazing sand dunes that provide nice scenery for taking photos and even shooting videos for movies.

You can hike around the dunes and even camping since it is quite possible. The scenery is quite beautiful and the adventurous experience can be amazing.

Mount Evans

It is the mountain that attracts the highest number of tourist in Colorado every year. If you have been thinking of planning a trip or vacation then think about Colorado at Mount Evans.

However, do not intend to visit the mountain during winter since it is very cold and the weather may not be favorable for you.

Colorado National Monument

Have you ever had an extraordinary view? Well, think about visiting Colorado national monument since it gives you unusual mountain scenery view.

It has several trees, walls, canyon, and rocks that gives the real vivid view of the desert. The feeling of being in the desert can be amazing and create a lasting memory in an individual mind.

Dinosaur National Monument

It has the cultural and historical information about Colorado. It contains historical information and evidence about the existence of dinosaurs in the state. The place is suitable for historical students planning for trips in the state.

Garden of the Gods

The landscape of the park is quite amazing. The atmosphere around the park is quite amazing due to the arranged of the features.

The research shows that the area is quite popular for those individuals who like jeep tours, climbers and mountain bikers.

Mesa Verde National Park

Do you want to discover the number of ruins? Well, visit the park will provide you with some information about that.

The site is suitable for historians since they want to link the connection between the past and the present day life. It is a nice place to be for such historical information.

Rocky Mountain National Park

It has several mountains, forests, lakes, meadows, and wildlife. The scenery of the area has a huge impact on an individual mind and it is the reason why it is the most visit part in Colorado.

Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness

The site connects people with nature and be able to enjoy the wonderful scenery. It provides a nice background for taking pictures since it has lakes, meadows and evergreen forest. The area is suitable for camping as well as hiking during a holiday or vacation.

Top 3 District Wards in Tokyo

I have already said many times in the past that Japan is one of the most interesting, as well as one of the most amazing and unique countries in the world. One of the main things that make it so interesting is its diversity. Simply put, Japan pretty much has it all. There is something for everybody, which means that if you are a fan of technology, or if you are a type of person who loves nature and everything that it has to offer, you will find something that you love in Japan. I am now going to shift all of my focus on the city called Tokyo.

Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the entire world. It is also one of the most unique cities in the world which is why it’s one of the go to spots for the owners of LG Sports and Therapeutic Massage, a Calgary massage company. So, what makes Tokyo so special and unique? There are many different reasons why Tokyo is such an amazing place. Due to the fact that Tokyo is a big metropolis, one would think that it is a pretty dirty place. However, that is far from truth! Tokyo is considered to be one of the cleanest cities in the world. The majority of people who live in Tokyo are very nice and polite, so instead of throwing thrash all over the city, they will actually put the trash into their pockets, and it will remain in their pockets until they see a garbage can or a container. Tokyo consists of many different district wards. The following are some of the best district wards in Tokyo!

Shibuya is a well-known district ward in Tokyo that consists of more than 36 different neighborhoods. Although Shibuya is a nice place for pretty much everyone, it is mostly geared towards younger people and teenagers. There are also some parts of Shibuya that are mostly geared towards business and stuff like that.

Shinjuku is one of the most popular district wards Tokyo. One thing that makes Shinjuku so popular is the fact that it attracts a big number of people from other countries. Shinjuku is one of the most populated district wards in Tokyo, with more than 41000 people living there.

If you are interested in foreign embassies, Minato is the place to be. It is a big district ward where you can find the missions of many different countries such as Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and France. This district ward is also home to some of the biggest employers in Japan such as Sony and Fujifilm.

Top 3 Things That You Shouldn’t Do When You Travel

When it comes to people who run their own travel blog or something like that, most of them always talk about where to go or what to do in a certain place. I guess that I didn’t even have to point this out, since you have probably already noticed it more times that you would like to, haven’t you? However, I did point it out, and now, I am going to do something that is a little bit different from all that standard stuff. So, what’s that? Well, instead of talking about what to do, where to go, what to bring with you, and all that standard stuff, I am going to talk about some things that you nor anyone else should do when traveling.

Generally speaking, many travelers make some pretty basic mistakes that cost them both time and money, as well as missed opportunities to experience better things. Telling someone what to do is pretty simple, but it is actually very easy to forget to tell them what not to do. The reason why is because we as human beings mostly focus on the things that could be done in a particular place rather than on the ones that should never be done. So, if you would like to learn about the things that you should never do when traveling, you came to the right place. Here, I am going to tell you about three things that you should absolutely never do when traveling. Let’s begin!

Exchanging Money At the Airport
One thing that you should keep in mind at all times is that exchanging money at the airport is pretty much always a bad idea. Why? If you decide to exchange money at the airport, you could end up getting some pretty bad exchange rates, which is probably more than enough of a reason to keep you from doing this.

Using Bank Cards With Fees
When traveling, make sure to never use bank cards with fees. The reason why is actually pretty obvious – foreign transaction feel can sometimes be pretty nasty. Use a bank card that has no foreign transaction fees, and you should be okay.

Skipping Travel Insurance
Make sure to never skip your travel insurance. When traveling, you are basically on an adventure, and you never know what can happen during that adventure. Your travel insurance could save your life!

Top 3 Parks in New York

New York is one of the most interesting cities on planet Earth. It is just so special and unique in its own special way! So, what makes it so special and unique? Well, this question is not really easy to answer, but I am going to try to give you the best, as well as the most simple answer that I can think of. New York is special for many different reasons. It has many different things to offer, which basically means that there is something for everybody. There is a good reason why New York is called ”the city that never sleeps”. Wondering why? At least this one is not hard to answer! Because there is always something going on in New York. Whether it is day or night, there is always something fun to do in this amazing city. So, are you planning on visiting New York with your family and friends in the near future? If you are, you are in for a treat.

Seriously, if you ever get a chance to go to New York, you should definitely take it! The Empire State building, The Met art museum, the 9/11 Memorial, the statue of Liberty City – all four of these (and much more) are waiting for you to visit them, so why not do it right now? Although New York is generally known as the concrete jungle, it is home to many different parks – the parks that you should definitely visit if you ever happen to be in New York. And now, here are some of the best parks in New York!

Central Park
The Central Park in New York is also known as the New York City’s backyard. It was opened in 1875, and it has served many different purposes since then. Today, this park is one of the largest green areas in New York and is a favorite destination for the owners of Performance Chiropractic + Sports Rehab when they visit New York.

Fort Tyron Park
The Fort Tyron Park is one of the most beautiful parks in New York. It offers some breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The Fort Tyron Park offers some interesting elevation points that allow you to take some beautiful photos.

High Line
High Line is newest park in New York. It is also a very successful one. High Line offers some amazing views, so make sure to visit this park as soon as possible!


Things To Do While Traveling In Europe

If you are planning to travel to Europe this year, then there must be few things in your mind. Here, we are going to suggest some amazing things to do while traveling in Europe. You must try these things if you want to make your time memorable. These are the most affordable things which you must do when you are staying on this continent.

Enjoy the high – tea in London:

There are countless venues where you can enjoy the amazing high – tea. You can even try it in the vintage double decker bus in the London. It allows you to enjoy the food and the amazing views of London likewise. You can enjoy your tea with a toast or else go for another option if you want.

Go to Eiffel tower:

This is one of the top popular places of France. It is also known as the most visited place of the country. If you are in France, you must enjoy the sunset from Eiffel tower. It is truly a remarkable view from the top floor of the tower. You must add this spot in your list of must do things in Europe.

Travel in travel in Switzerland:

This is the most important and beautiful thing to do in Europe. Switzerland is known to have the highest altitude train in the whole continent. This country is known for its scenic beauty in the world. This journey is worth every single second. You can also visit this country if you want to go on your honeymoon.

Visit the Stockholm palace:

This palace is known as the oldest palace in Europe. So, you must add it in your list while you are traveling to Europe. The specialty of this palace is that it has more than 600 rooms in it. It has beautiful royal chapels, armory showcases as well as museums. You will also find royal costumes in this palace. Visiting this place is like traveling back in time.

Enjoy live dance in Barcelona, Spain:

If you want to enjoy a real colorful dance, then you must go to Spain and enjoy it. This is known as the most rhythmic and vigorous dance in Europe. It involves singing, guitar, bailey dance and claps. It is said that it is simply poetry in motion. You can also enjoy the natural forms and structures of the city.