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Capture the moment for life

When I had my 2nd child, Lucas, in Jan, 2008, I was reminded of how fast my older son, Nathan, has grown. I could not even imagine how Nathan had fit in that infant car while waiting for Lucas to arrive.

Babies grow remarkably during their first few years. Having a baby imprint is the best way to preserve a moment in time for you and your child to treasure. They will see how tiny their cute hands and feet used to be.

There are 3 main ways to make a baby imprint: casting, molding, or ink print. Our baby memory frames are ink print style. Included in each handprint frame and footprint frame package, is a baby-safe ink pad. It's tested for direct baby skin contact and is acid free. The ink is washable. The diameter is 6". Depending on the size of your child's hands and feet, it could be used for children as old as 7 years of age.

How to make a handprint or footprint?

Included in our package, we put in extra handprint/footprint cards. However, you might want to practice on other paper first before you start making your child's handprints or footprints. Don't worry if the card looks messy a little bit, that's from a child, right?

When taking a handprint/footprint, hold your child's hand/foot and press on the card evenly, firmly, but comfortably on the paper, then release the hand/foot quickly when done. Even though the ink is washable, it gets tougher to clean if you wait too long to wash.

I hope you enjoy our handprint and footprint frames. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email us at:

Maggie Pearce
Proud mother of Nathan and Lucas Pearce

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