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Baby Memory Ideas

1. Share your Baby's life on TV - Baby Photo and movie DVD (Grandparents love it!)

Imagine grandparents watching their grandchild's photos, movies on TV, smiling, laughing, proud and full of joy, what could be a better gift? With Apple computer's iDVD, you can create a Hollywood-style home movies in just minutes, a DVD with thoroughly professional polish that captivates everyone's eyes!

iDVD has made it easy to create beautifully designed DVDs. With the Magic iDVD feature, all you have to do is to choose a theme and select the movies and photos you want to include. iDVD then automatically creates a complete DVD, unified in design from start to finish, including menu screens, movies, chapter menus and slideshows.

Take a tour to find out how easy it is to create a professional style home movie! Try it yourself or let us do it for you!

To order a Custom Movie Just send us an email to support@babymemoryframe.com giving us an idea of what you want, such as how many photos and movies you want, whether you want back ground music for the pictures, or chapter headings, fade in or out between scenes, and the like.

2. Create a custom photo Calendar and relive your favorite memories, month by month.

Calendars are easy to make and simple to send directly to loved ones. Start your Calendar on any month. Just select the pictures you'd like to use for your Calendar and a picture for the cover. You can make either a 12- or 18-month wall Calendar.

Your Baby photo calendar opens to a full 11" 17" and can hang on a wall, refrigerator, or door. The durable card stock will hold up to everyday use and the acid-free paper ensures your pictures will look great for years to come.

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3. If you like stamp collecting, why not have a Real U.S. Postage stamp with your child's photo?

For stamp collectors, this could not be a better gift! All you need to do is to upload your baby's photo, customize your stamps and then you will get your baby photo stamp!

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4. Ultrasound picture frame

This 8x10 white framed keepsake is the perfect place to display baby's ultrasound.

Poem reads: "We treasure this first glimpse of you. The amazing miracle of life is true. So small, yet awesome in what you'll become, grow strong and healthy our little one. We are here, dreaming and waiting, wishing, preparing and anticipating. Each day a step closer to life anew, each day a touch closer to holding you." It has place to record the ultrasound date and your baby's due date.

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